Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Joining the crowd

Well if you are here, then you have no doubt stumbled across one of the most random and useless blogs out there. That's OK though, hopefully some of you will get a little something out of this and maybe enjoy reading it as well.

The idea came about through my love of fly fishing and the thought of one day having a hand in a book about it. I've always thought it would be neat to write a book about fishing the Smokies or in western North Carolina so maybe this will give me a little bit of experience in writing.

This is actually my second attempt at a blog but the first one never got off the ground. Hopefully this one will pick up a little steam and I can keep it going for awhile. I will try and post several times a week and, hopefully, every other day.

Now for a little bit of history in my fly fishing. I have been fly fishing for almost 12 years now, although I can only claim the last several as being serious about it. My uncle taught me how to fish at our local delayed harvest water at Stone Mtn. State Park. We never fished much wild water until about the last several years. Once we started this, a new world opened up to us and we have been hitting it hard ever since. I can't tell you the last time i caught a nice fish that really put a bend in the rod, but the allure of backcountry fishing for small native trout has kept us climbing higher in the hills. Maps have been poured over, dirt roads have been traversed, and many "Deliverance" flashbacks have occurred while we are trying to find that next great spot that no one knows about. I mainly fish in NC but enjoy going to TN to fish as well when time and gas prices allow, especially in the Smokies and surrounding areas.

Hopefully that gives you a little useful background about me. I know this won't be the most intelligent or thought provoking fly fishing blog out there, but hopefully it will be fun for everyone. I also highly encourage leaving comments. Whether it's putting your $.02 in on a poll or telling me how stupid something is that I wrote, I want to hear it and I will try and respond to every comment. Thanks for looking!

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