Thursday, June 19, 2008

Up Next: Townsend, TN

What's that? Only started this thing yesterday and I'm already skipping out for a few days? Yeah I know, you would think I would have a little more dedication starting out but fishing takes precedence. I will be heading out early in the morning for Townsend, TN with my girlfriend (did I mention beautiful and sweet), my uncle, his wife, and their two kids. First stop will of course be to LRO for some supplies and friendly talk. There will be plenty of time spent in the water, however, as the plan is to fish tomorrow evening, all day Saturday, and then Sunday on my fishing...........errrr hiking trip with my girlfriend.

As of the moment, low water conditions have left me undecided as to where to go fishing. I think we have settled on fishing Thunderhead Prong around Sams Creek on Friday, but Saturday is up in the air. I had originally thought about hiking up the West Prong to fish but word is that the water will be pretty skinny since it's been so long since significant rainfall. Right now, I have two choices in mind: Road Prong and Fish Camp/Goshen Prong. If we went to Road Prong then I would want to go way up past the picnic area and go about 3 miles in to get some brookies. Haven't been to either one so don't really know what to choose right now.

Whatever happens, I'm sure it will be a good time and I'll make sure and fill you in. Let's just hope that we don't end up with another "corn nugget incident" like we had last year on our trip to Straight Fork! Until then, hope everyone gets out this weekend and look for an update early next week.

A dedicated fisherman or a man still feeling the effects of eating corn nuggets the night before? I'll let you decide...........

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