Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hands On with Photoshop CS3

I got my hands on Photoshop CS3 and have briefly messed around with it. After reading up a little bit on it, I have quickly learned that it is a daunting, although very powerful program. I tried my hand at it today for the first time with the help of a book and here is the result:I took three pictures and blended them together. It took a frustrating hour to get it right, but of course that was the first time I have played around with the program. I think the program will give me the opportunity to be creative and come up with some great images.

This sort of relates to the fact that I haven't been posting as much lately. I've got some things up my sleeve but I'm going to keep the curtain over it for awhile until I'm satisfied with the initial stage of my project. I will still post when I get a chance, but most of my free time is being spent working on this project. When I get done, I hope to have something that experienced fisherman and newcomers to the sport alike will enjoy and embrace!

As always, if you have any comments or even suggestions, feel free to leave a comment and critique my first effort with photoshop.

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