Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Successful Backcountry Trip to Campsite #49

Sorry I'm a little late I've been busy since I returned. Our backcountry trip worked out nicely with the boosted water levels from the rains last week. When we arrived, the water was up and a little muddy but that quickly wore off and the water turned clear again. Our first day of fishing was rather adventurous as we pushed our way upstream about 1.5 miles and then had to return to the campsite in stream since there was no trail. We caught lots of fish, mainly rainbows and specs, and got to spend some time in a truly remote area.

The second day we headed downstream and fished up to the campsite. Although the fishing wasn't quite as spectacular as the day before, it was still good and I even managed to net the Smokies grand slam.

This is a beautiful area and one that offers limitless opportunities for an angler willing to explore it. A relatively easy hike will get you access to the lower 4.7 miles of stream, above that it is all accessed by in stream wading.

As a sidebar, I added the function to subscribe to this blog at a reader's request, hopefully it will be useful.

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